Goddess of Vision

Goddess of Vision

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Our Evil Eye talisman is a link to the Third Eye, connector to your intuition and to the gateway that leads to higher consciousness. Eyes are considered the gateway to the soul. They also link us to clairvoyance, omniscience and what is unseen. One of the most powerful symbolic images in the world, wear the Evil Eye to protect yourself from the gaze of darkness and negative forces and to find clarity in every situation.

Power Stones add a layer of magic to your Charm. Order them as additional accessories to your Charm selection. Each one has its own strengths and mystical properties. Select according to your metaphysical needs. Choose from Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Green Onyx, Clear Quartz or Amethyst.

  • Charm Dimensions: 9mmx15mm

  • Made from: Gold-plated Sterling Silver

Chain Length:
Power Stone:
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