Astrologer of the Month

Each month we team up with one of our favourite Astrologers to discover what lies ahead during each astrological season. Learn how to work with the energy of the planets and the stars with each of these brilliant & wise Astrologers.

Sagittarius Season: Lisa Lister, The Sassy She


Lisa Lister is an author, visionary artist + creator who supports women to remember their magic, call back their power + self source their cycles, psyche + soma.

Her published works include the SHE Sirens Oracle, and bestselling book titles, Witch, Code Red + Self Source-ery + she creates events, workshops + immersive experiences both online, + in person, that activate women's magic + creative power through words, art, sound + and movement. 

Lisa, while having studied western astrology for over 20 years, is a practitioner + medicine keeper of her Gypsy/Traveller lineage's tradition of ‘Sky Reading.’ A felt experience of the planets + constellations + their correspondences with the season read THROUGH the body. As above, so below.





Scorpio Season: Bex Milford, Cosmic Cures

Bex Milford, Cosmic Cures

Bex is a professional Astrologer, cosmic coach and founder of the Moon Child Sorority monthly subscription. She specialises in self-developmental astrology, using your Birth Chart to help you gain clarity, confidence and comfort on your karmic journey with the help of the stars! She has contributed to Marie Claire, The Independent, Metro, Glamour, Huffington Post, Woman & Home and Bustle, holds regular virtual moon ceremonies and has held live workshops at events & festivals such as Latitude, Wilderness, Magnetic Fields, Lost Village and Soho House. 
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