We never wanted to be a huge company, churning out continually updated collections, with designs made by machines and pieces that we knew would be discarded with the changing fashion season. Our desire was to create a business with soul which would benefit everybody that was a part of it; from our creators, our makers, our team, our customers & our planet. Our intention has always been to connect people with their higher power, to connect to ancient wisdom, to re-connect the Goddesses who wear our designs to the magic within & around them. We have a lot more work to do, but here are a few ways we’re committed to making a difference:

TRADITIONAL CRAFT: Each Charm is handmade using antique moulds, and recreated using traditional methods that are often passed down within families through generations. We are passionate about traditional crafts & keeping these practices alive. In a world where soulless mass-machine production has become the norm, we prefer a slow fashion approach, with each item bearing the mark of the artisan who made it. We believe you can feel the difference within our pieces.

 ANCIENT WISDOM: We’ve spent many moons foraging the globe for one-of-a-kind treasures. All our Charms and designs use ancient moulds or are exact replicas of centuries-old designs. We believe this retains the magic and power of the iconography we’re re-creating, helping to keep ancient wisdom alive & retelling soul-stirring stories in an authentic way.

SOCIAL IMPACT: We continue to support a number of charities close to our hearts and raise awareness about social issues. We ensure that all our workers enjoy a happy & fair work environment.

&Wider is an independent ethical auditor of manufacturers & approaches things a little differently by speaking directly to the employees about their experiences and working conditions, rather than an external certification system. This works much better for small, independent workshops like the ones we work with.


We were awarded with an outstanding score of 9.6/10 when it came to workers' happiness & their working conditions.

Goddess Charms Packaging

 RECYCLED PACKAGING: All our gift boxes and booklets are plastic-free and made from recycled paper. Our booklets are beautiful keepsakes in which to set your intentions or be reminded of your innate power. Like your Charm, they are made to last. Our gift bags are made from natural cotton and our outer packaging is also sustainably sourced and fully recyclable.  

GOLD & SILVER: We recycle all our off-cuts from the workshop, which are then used to re-create other treasures. Our next aim is to transition to using fully recycled silver as our base material.

NATURAL GEMSTONES: We only use natural gemstones that have been fairly traded. Many gemstones on the market today are inauthentic or have been dyed.  We prefer natural beauty with all its imperfect perfections, over man-made creations or enhancements.

REPLATING: We offer an eco-replating service to ensure your jewellery lasts a lifetime. Please contact for more info. 

ZERO WASTE: All our designs are made in small, ceremonial batches and limited edition runs.  Everything we make we use. We have a zero-waste policy and never make more than we need. Our pieces are timeless meaning we don’t adhere to ever-changing fashion trends.