Hand Made


Our sacred Charms are hand-made by skilled craftsmen with generations of wisdom in their DNA in our workshop in northern India .

We use antique one-of-a kind moulds and are passionate about keeping traditional craftsmanship alive.

Each GODDESS CHARM bears the unique mark of the person that made it, meaning no two are ever exactly the same. 

The Charms are deliberately made in small batches. This ensures quality remains paramount. Goddesses do not need to be rushed!

The magic they bring is worth the wait.



We recently worked with &WIDER who provide strong insight from workers, for better working conditions and wellbeing.

We wanted to hear directly from our talented workers in Jaipur to ensure our ethical workshop is providing a happy and healthy work environment and if there was anywhere we could improve.

Our craftsmen scored the workshop, conditions and working environment an amazing 9.7 out of 10! We couldn't be happier. 

Here are some of the highlights:

"Access to drinking water at work"
"Workers feel positive about work"
"Workers can safely report incidents"
"Managers treat workers with respect"
"Employer helps with medical treatment when at work" 

We are pretty proud of our results and continue to strive for improvement! As you can see below we have improved each cycle.