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The Sisterhood Goddess

There can be no greater reminder of the power women possess than our Sisterhood Goddesses Charm. Symbolising the seven chakras, female solidarity, companionship and the strength of the sisterhood, the story of the Seven Sisters spans across countries and cultures and is linked to the Greek myth of Artemis and the nymphs, named Pleiades, who were immortalised as a star system in the night sky. On a clear night, you might just find them, gazing down upon you. Wear this to remind yourself that as a woman, you are a member of the sisterhood. Therefore you shall never walk alone.

  • Charm Dimensions: 20mm tall x 35mm wide.

  • Made from: Sterling Silver.


Power Stones add an extra layer of magic to your Charm. Each one has its own strengths and mystical properties. Select according to your metaphysical needs. 

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