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Warrior Goddess

Durga is the Goddess who above all, eliminates suffering. Her power, will and determination guides you forwards. She brings freedom from fear. She is fierce but loving. She combats evil, she brings peace. Let her remind you to breathe, to be still and steady, tune into your own instincts and serve as a guiding path away from negativity. Next time you find yourself bullying your mind with that negative inner voice, bow down to Durga. She will help you send those suffering thoughts away, bring inner clarity and help protect you from harm.

  • Charm measures: 25mm tall x 21mm wide x 0.5mm thick

  • Made from: Gold vermeil (2.5 microns of 18ct dazzling Indian gold on sterling silver)


Power Stones add an extra layer of magic to your Charm. Each one has its own strengths and mystical properties. Select according to your metaphysical needs. 

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