About Us

Meet Maree and Jenny

Our founders Maree (pictured above left) and Jenny (pictured above right) share a love of magic, daydreaming, myths, moments of stillness, moments of silliness, proper belly laughs, a respect for the universal laws of cosmic energy and a fascination with the unknown. Each Goddess Charm created tells its own story. The iconography of each Charm is the result of many moons foraging the globe for precious antique deities and spirits. The Charms are not about guiding you towards perfection. A true Goddess is an individual who celebrates their imperfections, who isn’t afraid of failing, whose flaws are to be accepted. Goddess Charms celebrate cosmic beings that help connect us to our higher selves.

“Our Charms are beautiful decorative objects in their own right. They are as magical and mystical as you wish them to be,” say founders Jenny and Maree. “There is a simple power inherent in daily rituals. Honouring the rituals of adornment and your jewellery having meaning is a lovely way to add a spiritual layer into your wardrobe. Each Charm tells its own story and helps us connect to our higher selves. We love the notion of the Charms being a wearable reminder of what we would like to be more of. More creative, courageous, boundaried, magical, and so on.
A beautiful booklet accompanies each purchase, with space for the wearer to write down their intention, setting
it into their Charm and helping to add another mystical layer.”