Your Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

In astrology, the Sun, Moon and Rising (or Ascendant) signs are considered the three most important components of an individual's birth chart; together they create a more comprehensive picture of your astrological profile. They represent different facets of your personality, emotions, and outer demeanour, respectively. Unite your three charms: Sun, Moon and Rising in a necklace of daily protection, awareness and connection.  

Sun Sign:

Your Sun Sign is what most people commonly refer to as their "zodiac sign" and represents your core essence, ego, and identity. It's the sign that you're likely most familiar with.  It represents your outer identity and is often associated with your conscious self.  Your Sun sign is a significant influence on your overall personality and life purpose.

Moon Sign:

Your Moon Sign represents your emotions, instincts and your inner self. It plays a crucial role in your emotional responses, relationships, and how you express your feelings. While your Sun Sign reflects your outer self, your Moon sign can provide insight into your subconscious and how you deal with the world on an emotional level. 

Rising (Ascendant) Sign:

The Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant, represents your outward demeanour, how you appear to others and how you interact with the world around you. Your Rising sign is how you express yourself to the world. It influences your personal style, behaviour in social settings, and the way you approach new experiences.

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