Our Founder’s story

I’ve always had a fascination for witchcraft, the mysterious and mythical. I have been drawn to the female goddess in her many forms; her tales of courage, of overcoming, manifesting, creating and unstoppable power appealed to me.  In my darkest moments, it was the goddess that gave me hope.

On a trip to India a few years ago, during a particularly difficult time in my life, I was trawling an antique market, looking for a sign to help me get my life back on track when I stumbled across an ancient charm on a bit of dirty string.  The charm was faded and worn, but I could just make out an old, tribal goddess, with a full belly and large sword in her hand. I always thought the divine feminine was something other, something separate, rather than within us, but looking down at this slightly broken, flawed, figure, I realised that she was very much a part of me.   She gave me strength, she inspired me, she was beautiful.

I realised that I was surrounded by modern-day goddesses everywhere.  All imperfect, flawed, powerful and wonderful in their own unique ways.  Next began a three-year journey collecting and curating antique charms and exploring Hindu mythology.  I visited tribal villages, wholesalers, market traders, gold and silver dealers, talented craftsmen and women, sprawling cities, ancient temples and took part in numerous ceremonies.  

I followed maps, loose promises and broken directions to all corners of India hunting for the goddesses to make a collection.  I met all kinds of wonderful characters along the way, lost dear friends, made new ones and had a few scrapes in the process.

Then in India last year, I met a group of real-life goddesses and one extra special one, who shared my vision. With her incredible talent and creativity, we bought Goddess Charms to life.  

These charms are an ode to all the women and men who manifest, overcome, create and use their power for good in this world.  Use your goddess for guidance, for strength and to remember how bloody powerful you are.