Meet Maree


Our Co-Founder Maree is the reason Goddess Charms exists. We met in the sun while on a magical yoga retreat. She had already begun making the beautiful creations that we sell. In fact, she had travelled the Indian continent for over a decade, collecting the mystical, antique seals that form the basis of every Charm we produce.Beautiful inside and out, Maree is the ultimate Goddess (I can say that because it’s me writing this bit, not her!) We took these portraits of Maree on the houseboat where she resides when she’s not in India, working with our wonderful crafters in Jaipur, or teaching yoga on her retreats.

GODDESS of course!

: Gemini

In a sentence I am…
Free-spirited, adventurous, kind, bit of a wally, dualistic, excitable. I  like to do things a bit differently.


Who are the Goddesses you look up to and why?

My current favourite is Durga, the warrior Goddess.  She rides on a tiger with swords in her hands to slay negative self beliefs and negative self talk.  She’s not afraid to fight for what she believes in, she’s powerful, she’s loving, she’s alive.  My favourite Goddesses change on a daily basis. I’ll tune into a different Goddess depending on what I need and where I’m at.

I’m also really inspired by all the real-life Goddesses I see around me. 
I read Michelle Obama’s autobiography recently - she is full of Goddess power.  Oprah, Madonna, Greta Thunberg, Guru Jagat, Jacinda Arden, Beyonce – so many!  I look up to women who are real, who are showing up, juggling a load of different things, being caring, being kind, being clever, inspiring, creative, standing up to the status quo.


What is the mark of a true Goddess?

Someone who is true to themselves, shows up and is not afraid to shine (or more importantly, feels afraid and shines anyway – we all feel a bit scared at times).  Someone who is real and kind and not afraid to fuck up and owns their shit and wants to be a better person and make the world a better place.

Do you believe in magic?

My great uncle Henry used to say; “what did you see with your eyes today” and it’s always stuck with me.  It’s an invitation to open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us, to always be inquisitive and take an interest in the world and life that goes on around us.  There’s so much magic in nature, the magic of being alive, the magic of ritual, of love, relationships and being.


What rituals do you have in your life?

So many!  I love the reverence of rituals!  I practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation most days, which usually means I’ll light some incense, tune in, move my body, meditate.  Journaling is another favourite of mine; I love making a cup of coffee, pulling a Goddess tarot card for the day and writing my morning pages – basically
a stream of consciousness, or a to-do list, or a brain dump – whatever comes out. I always finish by writing down three things I’ve grateful for, what my intention
is for that day and what my current affirmation is.  Currently I’m using: “I release and let go of fear, control and rage.  Instead I choose love, compassion and joy. 
I soften into the abundant flow of life”.  I also LOVE full moon and new moon rituals where we get together, drink cacao, move our bodies, chant mantras and share our hopes, wishes, fears and dreams.  I started holding them in Goa and now do them on my boat in London. It is powerful to share a ritual and hold space for and with your community.


Which is your favourite GC Goddess and why?

The Goddess of Magic – because she’s a mystical, tribal creature.  She appeals to the witch and the nomad spirit within me.  She’s a reminder that magic is all around us, we just need to tune into it.

What advice do you have for human beings on how to live their best life?

Oh gawd…. I’ve spent so many years battling depression, anxiety, addiction and trying so hard to be true to myself and happy.  It’s hard in this crazy world we live in, but the lessons, trials and tribulations are all so worth it in the end.  I would say, be honest with yourself – it’s a cliché, but tune in and listen to your soul.  Connect to something greater than you; Goddess energy, the universe, God.- whatever it is, get your head out of your arse.  A daily routine that involves moving your body and connecting to your breath.  Being surrounded by supportive and loving people.  Being kind and loving (and that starts with you). Getting out into nature regularly, doing something you love and being grateful.



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