New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon is all about softness, gentleness & care. Cancer is a water sign with an astounding depth of emotion and intuition. Intricately linked with the Moon, this energetic moment presents an opportunity for healing. How can you harness this energy into providing yourself with a little extra loving kindness?
Here are three ways you can connect deeply with yourself to honour the New Moon:
  1. Light candles and take a bath, adding in your favourite essential oils to make it feel truly luxurious
  2. Sit outside at first light with your favourite cup of herbal tea, taking time to just sit, breathe and be.
  3. Schedule an hour to do whatever brings you joy. Pencil it into your calendar if you need to! It may feel silly, but it could also be the greatest gift you give yourself this week.


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    With love,

    The Goddess Charms Team

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